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Drake Cameras / Good Ones Go (Interlude)

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Anonymous asked: I don't understand why people think Beyonce is dumb!! ???? Did it come from her talking slow or something? (Even tho Mama Tina & Solange talk slow too) & they're all country lol I'm trying to understand where it came from? Bey seems smart as hell to me. Especially when it comes to her work. She's a genius.


She tries not to talk w/ her southern ass country accent anymore in interviews so she talks differently and ppl use that to come for her. It’s another one of those “I think Bey is overrated so let’s find a flaw” situations. It stems from people believing she doesn’t have a HS diploma when in reality


that’s from the DC book. I love using this receipt.

Bey is very smart and that’s why she’s her own manager and #1 on Forbes. And even if she didn’t finish HS, they’d just be jealous that she’d be a successful dummy and they didn’t amount to anything


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